Tenzin Photo

I take photos and short videos. I'm interested in transcendental experiences, like those of death, revolution, dream states and psychological conflict.

I studied fine art at Central Saint Martins and Chelsea College of Arts and focussed on photography. Luckily I was able to exhibit at the South London Gallery and been nominated for the Paul Hamlyn Award. A while ago I was named one of the UK's leading creatives by the Institute of Contemporary Art and was asked to represent the British Council and the Foreign Office in cultural diplomacy. Also in the past I was made a fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. 

I have a large art, music and photo studio in Hammersmith where I take time to reflect, make new work and make a lot of cups of tea. I'm also into meditating when I get the chance.

I find life a particularly amazing experience and enjoy finding new ways to express myself through collaboration, art mediums and conversations.